A collection of garden wildlife photographs. © Christopher Blakey Wildlife Photography. 10% of profits given to UK conservation charities
Merveille du Jour, Durham, September 2021 5409Green-brindled Crescent, Durham, September 2021 4809Garden Spider, Durham, September 2021 3209Noble False Widow, Oxfordshire, August 2021 1508Noble False Widow, Oxfordshire, August 2021 2608Poplar Hawk-moth, Oxfordshire, August 2021 1108Common Darter, Oxfordshire, August 2021 3808Painted Lady, Oxfordshire, August 2021 4308Rosy Footman, West Sussex, August 2021 5308Canary-shouldered Thorn, Durham, August 2021 2508July Highflyer, Durham, August 2021 1108Buff Arches, Durham, July 2021 1107Buff Arches, Durham, July 2021 5807Grass Rivulet, Durham, June 2021 1506Peach Blossom, Durham, June 2021 4706Peach Blossom, Durham, June 2021 4706Elephant Hawk-moth, Durham, June 2021 2406Scorched Wing, Durham, June 2021 5206Purple Thorn, Durham, April 2021 1104House Sparrow, Durham, April 2021 0004

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