A collection of garden wildlife photographs. © Christopher Blakey Wildlife Photography. 10% of profits given to UK conservation charities
Buff Arches, Durham, July 2021 1107Buff Arches, Durham, July 2021 5807Grass Rivulet, Durham, June 2021 1506Peach Blossom, Durham, June 2021 4706Peach Blossom, Durham, June 2021 4706Elephant Hawk-moth, Durham, June 2021 2406Scorched Wing, Durham, June 2021 5206Purple Thorn, Durham, April 2021 1104House Sparrow, Durham, April 2021 0004Early Grey, Durham, March 2021 4503Oak Beauty, Durham, March 2021 0403Woodpigeon, Durham, March 2021 0103Woodpigeon, Durham, February 2021 0202Robin, Durham, January 2021 3801Robin, Durham, December 2020 5012Blackbird, Durham, December 2020 4712Feathered Thorn, Durham, October 2020 4510Merveille de Jour, Durham, October 2020 1910Green-brindled Crescent, Durham, October 2020 2010Missing-sector Orb Weaver (Zygiella x-notata), Durham, October 2020 3510

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