Welcome to my website! I’m a wildlife watcher and photographer based in Durham, North East England. You can navigate my work here by browsing:
  • Projects – highlights from long-term areas of interest
  • Library – all my photos organised by taxon
  • Habitats – highlights from specific habitats

I love the natural world and my photography is one way in which I engage with it. I also spend time recording wildlife for citizen science projects such as the NMRS and BirdTrack. I aim to be as ethical as possible in my photography: I avoid harmful disturbance of animals and I never use bait or callback. The majority of my photography is local, and much of the rest involves sustainable transport.

My photographs will soon be available for sale as prints, cards, framed prints, and other products. I am always happy to discuss particular requests or further use of my photographs: you can contact me here. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.