A collection of woodland wildlife photographs. © Christopher Blakey Wildlife Photography. 10% of profits given to UK conservation charities.
Pied Flycatcher, Northumberland, May 2021 1705Pied Flycatcher, Northumberland, May 2021 2605Fungi (Mycena), Durham, October 2020 1410Fly Agaric, Durham, October 2020 5710Long-eared Owl, Durham, June 2020 1206Long-eared Owl, Durham, June 2020 1606Tawny Owl, Durham, May 2020 3005Pied flycatcher, Durham, June 2019 5206Tawny owl, Durham, June 2019 5606Woodcock, Durham, April 2019 3604Crested tit, Austria, August 2018 0708Tawny owl, Durham, May 2018 1605Nuthatch, Durham, March 2018 0203Siskin, Durham, January 2018 2701Black woodpecker, Montenegro, September 2017 4909Common darter, Oxfordshire, July 2017 5107Silver-washed fritillary, Ringlet, Six-spot burnet, Estonia, July 2016 Oxfordshire, July 2017 4307Ringlet, Oxfordshire, July 2017 2807Pied flycatcher, Durham, May 2017 4805Pied flycatcher, Durham, May 2017 5005

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